Miss Susie Had a Steamboat

While most nursery rhymes are designed for young children, Miss Susie Had a Steamboat is one that’s designed for older children due to the slightly saucy content. 

The nursery rhyme gradually grew and expanded on existing songs from the early 20th century which was more adult in nature.

The tune is shared with some other nursery rhymes, most notably Miss Lucy Had a Baby. Therefore, although Miss Susie Had a Steamboat is sometimes described as a jump-rope song, that’s not really the case. It was traditionally sung aloud in the playground or accompanied by a fast clapping game. 

The rhyme is simple and split into four-line verses (called a quatrain). The second and fourth lines should rhyme, but in Miss Susie Had a Steamboat, the last word is missing. If you substitute the first word of the next verse, you’ll get a cheeky meaning! This is called enjambment double entendre.

Miss Susie Had a Steamboat Lyrics

Miss Susie had a steamboat,
The steamboat had a bell,
Miss Susie went to heaven,
The steamboat went to…

Hello Operator,
Please dial Number 9,
And if you disconnect me,
I’ll kick you from…

Behind the ‘frigerator,
There lay a piece of glass,
Miss Susie sat upon it,
And cut her little…

Ask me no more questions,
Tell me no more lies,
The boys are in the bathroom,
Pulling down their…

Flies are in the backyard,
The bees are in the park,
Miss Susie and her boyfriend are kissing
In the dark, dark dark

Miss Susie Had a Steamboat Music Sheet