The Alphabet Song

One of the best childhood songs for learning, The Alphabet Song teaches children about letters and the sequence of the alphabet. Although The Alphabet Song appears on many contemporary children’s shows, it’s a very old rhyme that dates back almost two centuries and has supported many people to learn the alphabet even before they started to learn to write their letters.

Originally copyrighted with the title of “The Schoolmaster” the Alphabet Song is credited to Charles Bradlee in 1834. It’s believed that its origins go back even further but there’s nothing documented prior to the 1835 registration. 

The traditional tune for the Alphabet Song is virtually identical to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and bears many similarities to Baa Baa Black sheep. Sounds unbelievable but hum them to yourself and you’ll be surprised at how alike they are!

The Alphabet Song Lyrics

W and X
Y and Zee
Now I know my “ABCs”
Next time won’t you sing with me?

The Alphabet Song Music Sheet