Two Little Dickie Birds

Two Little Dickie Birds is a traditional English rhyme that was sometimes known as Two Little Blackbirds. The rhyme can be traced back to 1765 in London when it was printed in Mother Goose’s Melody, an anthology of songs and stories. 

The words were different originally, replacing Peter and Paul sitting on a wall with Jack and Jill sitting on a hill. The words were changing to make the rhyme more biblical, a move that reflected the trend at the time and made the rhyme more widely acceptable to share with children.

The version that is called Two Little Blackbirds is more commonly shared in America and the Two Little Dickie Birds is still shared in the UK. As a nursery rhyme, it has endured as a classic partly due to the simple finger-play which accompanies the song and delights young children as it is recited as well as the simple rhyme that is easily remembered and shared.

Two Little Dickie Birds Lyrics

Two little dickie birds, Sitting on a wall;
One named Peter,
One named Paul.
Fly away Peter!
Fly away Paul!
Come Back Peter!
Come Back Paul!

Two Little Dickie Birds Music Sheet